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Coming soon...Win a Free Trip to Kyoto, Japan! ✈️

Hi fellow bento fanatics! Better start getting your bento boxes ready...because coming soon is our 9th Edition Chef Bento Contest

What is Chef Bento? 

Every year we hold a Chef Bento International Bento contest. Bento lovers from all over the world compete by cooking their best bento and submitting a picture to us. Each year we have a special theme (in the past we've done onigiri, pasta, sandwich, dessert, etc.).

What is this year's Chef Bento theme?

Chotto matte! It's still a secret! We'll be announcing the theme very soon. Stay up to date by: Subscribing to our Newsletter! 😄  

What do you think will be next? Let us know in the comments section.

What can I win?

This year we are offering more prizes than ever before! 

Grand Winner who is outside of Japan

One grand winner will be chosen from contestants who are outside of Japan and be given a round-trip plane ticket to Japan.

Grand Winner living in Japan 

One grand winner will be chosen from contestants who are in Japan, this person will receive a night’s stay for two at a hotel in Kyoto.

Additional costs during the trip (extended period of stay, transportation, meals, visits to temples) will be borne by the contest winner. The dates of these trips will be determined after the end of the contest. Bento&co is not responsible for any problems that might occur while the winners are on these trips.

Prizes of the the 10 finalists

The 10 finalists will receive prizes offered by our partners: bento boxes, bento and cooking accessories. The ranking of the 10 finalists determine the number and value of the prizes awarded to them. 

Everybody's a Winner

If you are not chosen as one the grand winners or top 10 finalists, you will still win a 10% discount just for your participation! 


Well, what're you waiting for? You best be getting started on sharpening your bento skills in time for the contest! Stay tuned everyone! =D 

  • Lorenzo says...

    This year…cucumber ?¿

    On March 24, 2017

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