Chef Bento 2017 has started!

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Bento&co is proud to announce the theme of this year's annual Chef Bento Contest: Noodle Bento! 🎉 🎉 🎉

(Long) Noodles of any kind will be accepted - Asian, Italian, buckwheat, udon, etc.

Everyone is a winner in this contest, but the top winner will win a free trip to Kyoto, Japan! 

The contest is from today, April 1st, until April 18th. Better get started before it's too late! Good luck bento-ers!

Click here for full details on contest rules and prizes.

Click here to visit our Chef Bento 2017 F.A.Q.

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  • Shannon, sorry for that. It’s now updated.

    Thomas - Bento&co on

  • Hello, none of the links (regarding rules and FAQs) are working. It’d be great if you could fix them, as I’d love to read up further on the rules behind this competition. Thanks!

    Shannon on

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