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The Kawaii Bento World Grand Prix 2013


We're proud to announce our collaboration with the Yamasa, the famous Japanese soy sauce company, for their Kawaii Bento World Grand Prix 2013! o(^^o)(o^^)o

The winners and even the people who vote have a change to win bento box prizes! So, even if you're not going to make a bento, take a few minutes to vote because you could be one of the 40 people who'll win bento prizes from Bento&co!

It's really quite ingenious; using social media applications Snap Dish and Snapeee, you can submit and vote on your favorite bento. It's a very interconnected bento world these days, isn't it? (-_^)

Visit the Yamasa website for details about how to participate! Good luck and have fun!

And you can vote for your favorite entries on this page. There are already more than 700 bento!

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