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Welcome Rie to the Bento&co blog!

Bonjour !

Hello, my name is Rie. Some of you may know me already but I am sure I am saying a HELLO! to many new people. So, HELLO! I am Rie. Nice to meet you! I wonder where you are living and reading this post, I am writing this article from my home in Norway.

The leaves on the trees are already turning their colors to yellow and red, the fall is definitely here. You and me, we probably haven’t met before, but if you like food, both cooking and eating, we have something in common.

I think I inherited this passion for food from my mother, she had a Japanese restaurant for 25 years (she cooked all the food) and she still is a great cook and she is an amazing recipe developer. My sister, my nieces and my daughter, they all cook, so I think cooking is running in my family blood. If our blood type was B, I am sure it stands for BENTO ☺

At the launch of the new official web site this fall, Bento&co kindly offered me a place to share my thoughts and ideas with you. How wonderful! If you have been making bento for sometime, my hope for this blog is to give you some inspiration to your bento life and I like to show you how to add more sparkles. If you have not yet made bento before, I will challenge myself to invite you to a new adventure. My blog post will come everyday, in both English and Japanese alternately.

Different subjects may show up and as many of you are fond of Japan I will also try to bring you some stories from my mother land. They are not always bento-related, but I hope to bring some fun to you. This is the first post to say hello and introduce myself but from the next post I will choose one theme in alphabetical order and I will write a story about the chosen theme. In English there are 26 alphabets, I may add 3 more (Norwegian alphabets Ø and Æ and Å), Japanese may be more challenging as there are 46 of them!

Well, well, anyway, I just wanted to say hello. Now this blog world is officially open, the title of the next post is “A- amour”. To be continued on Friday September 13.

See you then! 

Rie, your bento friend.

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Rie - September 14, 2013

Thank you rose, simon and denise. I am very happy to read your comment. Thank you so much. I hope this new blog will be something enjoyable and useful for you. i appreciate your comment and feedback very much. thank you!

rOSE b. - September 13, 2013

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