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Some musings...


The other day, Thomas got a latte to go from this great cafe that we always go to, Unir. Thomas usually drinks his lattes straight, but that day he thought he would have it with sugar. So, when he took off the lid, he was surprised to see the latte art that the barista had made. Since he had never taken off the lid, he had never realized that that art was under there. He came back to the office excited and wanted to tell other about it.

This got us to talking about the beauty of products and making a good quality products that you have pride in. We talked about that story about Steve Jobs and how his father, who was a carpenter, stressed that he should properly make even the back of a chest of drawers beautiful, even if it was not seen by people, because he would know it is there, and how this idea made him insist that the inside of the Macintosh look beautiful, even though no one would see it. We like that story. It's a great story

It's stories and conversations like this that make us excited and want to do our jobs better. We may not make Macs or lattes, but we take pride in finding products that are great and doing our best to make sure that everyone who comes to us goes away feeling good about their experience. That is our product.

And the people who make the products we sell are dedicated artisans with attention to detail. Makers who supply us, like Hakoya, have many artisans that help produce their boxes, like the ones in this video showing one of them printing designs on bento boxes.


We want to do more though. We want to get more great products and show you how and why they are beautiful and share the stories of the dedicated people who made them with you. So, soon, keep a look out for these stories in our letters to you.

Well, we just wanted to give you a glimpse into our lives and what we are passionate about, and how good design and attention to detail inform our work here. We are sure you are the same way otherwise, you probably wouldn't be here, would you? And that's why we would love it if you could share with us any products, be it bento or not, from Japan that you think are amazing and we should know about. You can email us or share them to us through social media. We would really love that. Thanks for listening.

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