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Delightful gifts for everyone on the list!

Still thinking about what to get those special ones, we have some great suggestions for all your needs(ノ。≧◇≦)ノ

For the playful ones 

Why not a member out of the super cute Kokeshi Bento family, with its adorable graphic they are sure to make anyone smile.

For the ones with luxurious taste

Representing some of our best crafted bentos is the Edo Bento. Let the elegant timeless lacquered wood impress.

For the ones that like tradition 

This cup represents Japanese traditions and lovers of old Japanese things will be mesmerised by the print - every time the use it.

For the cozy ones

Everyone loves a warm drink on a cold winter night, let the drink be the finest of Japanese tea - Uji green tea.

For the ones fond of technology

This small animals shaped like a milk carton and live in a fridge will happily greet whoever opens the door.


For the ones that love Kawaii things

With these forms the cutest of cookies can be made (。♥♥。). Give your cat kawaii loving friend that gift that will get them baking.

For the Ghibli fan

What better way to start the new year, and every day after it, then with Ghibli characters being part of planning each activity  - give this calendar to the real fan!

For the Star Wars fan

Everything ones need to make your meals into an intergalactic experience taking you to a galaxy far, far away...

For the Co-worker 

Holiday season also brings gift giving at the office around, be that special santa that brings lovely chocolate all the way from Japan - tasty green matcha will be a new flavour they’ll love.

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