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2015 International Bento Contest | Chef Bento Results!

 Here we go, the long-awaited results for this year's contest!

But first let us thank all the 1200 voters who take the time to support their favorite bento chef among the 10 finalists! ( ° w ° )/

And the winner is ... *drum rolls*...

Aurélie from France! with her adorable 'mauricette' pan (a kind of bretzel from Alsace in north-east France), packed and filled with a variety of seafoods: this just looks SO good! Her creation must be scrumptious, and I am convinced that most of you would have loved to take a bite of it. Have you noticed the cute butterfly carved in carrot, right at the center? There are even sesame seeds on it to add more details: neat!
Congratulations Aurélie - or should we say omedeto ^0^/ - you hit the nail on the head with this colorful and balanced composition which perfectly brings out the loveliness of your sandwiches. That's the essence of a fantastic bento!

Contest Final results:

#1 - 24_Aurélie_France ( 349 votes)
#2 - 62_Tamsin_UK (173 votes)
#3 - 74_Howard_Canada (153 votes)
#4 - 44_Priscilla_Norway (143 votes)
#5 - 52_Karen_Malaysia (100 votes)
#6 - 67_Nuraniza_USA (87 votes)
#7 - 94_Chloé_France (67 votes)
#8 - 23_Raphaël_France (64 votes)
#9 - 90_Augustin_France (63 votes)
#10 - 10_Mayumi_Japan (37 votes)
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