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Francis from Cooking with Dog visits Bento&co's place in Kyoto: You got to see it!

Time for Francis to leave the kitchen and to embark on a trip to introduce Japanese food culture which leads him ... to Bento&co, indeed! (^^)

Cooking with a ...  dog, seriously??

Relax, this dog really knows what he's doing ...
Do you like cooking? You have probably seen at least one of these videos then: Cooking with dog is the channel to check if you want to learn how to cook Japanese specialities - with an extra pinch of fun. But what makes that show really unique are the emcees: next to the chef stands nothing less than a dog -and he speaks too!  

This time, Francis is coming to Kyoto to interview Thomas (Bento&co CEO!). A great chance to introduce bento boxes and the related cooking culture, and let's be honest: it was super fun to speak with a dog - or its teddy version at least! We also got to talk about Chef Bento International Contest which is the perfect opportunity to try all the tricks instructed in Francis's video. Can't wait to see your take on that!

Now you can be the Chef!

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