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International Bento&co Contest: Chef Bento 2015 is coming!

Spring and its delicious flavors is the perfect timing for a cooking contest: are your ready to get back to the kitchen and (maybe) win a trip to Japan?

Chef Bento 2015 Soon!

Our Chef Bento contact is back again for the 7th time (yeah, already!). This year unique theme is gonna be thriving, easy to grasp yet funny enough to let you use your imagination: Can you guess what it is from the picture?

Everyone - expert or rookie - is welcome to join in and have a chance to win a trip to visit us in Kyoto (the most beautiful city in Japan) as long as you are a bento fan and like to cook! We are looking forward your contribution!

More details to be unveiled on Early April 2015 : Brace Yourself! (^^)/

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Jennifer Kauffman - March 26, 2015

I guess I was the only one that thought bamboo…

Mary C - March 25, 2015

Crumb covered cutting board I hope means sandwiches! Or at least bread. I’m way too excited, this feels like a really good year. There are going to be so any beautiful lunches! =^.^=

Claudia - March 21, 2015

Sandwich bento? (crumbs on the board, ‘easy to grasp’…)

Sandra Derksen - March 21, 2015

I`m a little bit weired, I guess you mean the holy shrine, temple! See you in Kyoto! I`m really looking forward to see you! Love to you, Sandy

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