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Fridgeezoo and Japanese Gadgets Fans: Make sure to read this before it's too late

Fridgeezoo 24 ... Your fridge is in safe hands

"We'll meet again ..."  

Some items on Bento&co are here from the very beginning and really means something unique to us. Such are the Fridgeezoothe funny family of animals staying in your fridge to remind you about the door. Definitively an emblematic and beloved eco-friendly gadget in our collection!

So it's a real pain - to say the less - to annonce the following: After many years of good and faithful services, the first generation of Fridgeezoo designs is going to take a break and leave room for the next versions. 


Since they are not going to be re-stocked, we have decided to cut the price of the few remaining "old" fridgeezoo by 20% off.  Make sure to get yours as soon as possible: these ones are not going to be back again!

We'll be back, Soon!

But this doesn't mean that the fridgezoo are definitively gone: the new 24 series are here to stay and protect your foods, while new design will soon be unveiled - and I bet we are going to have a few surprise in term of look and characteristics. Stay in touch!

"Thanks for everything Humans, we'll meet again soon... and don't forget to shut the fridge door!"
The Fridgeezoo

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