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A surprising visit: Bento Monsters food artist at our Kyoto store

Welcome at 

With Bento Monsters

Last week, we were lucky enough to enjoy the visit of Ming from the blog Bento Monsters. If you like food art and decoration you probably know her already (and if not, make sure to check her very enlightening cooking articles!).

She kindly took the time to write a full review of her trip here, in which you can have a good idea about our brick and mortar store in Kyoto, from the shop itself to our Japanese office and the place from where your parcel are dispatched by Ai and Keiko!

Her post is written as a guided tour; it's very entertaining and will make you feel as if you were here in Japan, sharing a good time with us! We really like Ming's bento work and it was a true honor to have her visit and review our place. Can't wait to see more of her lunchbox creations for 2015!

Now let's take the time to wander the several floors of Bento&co thanks to these few pics

1st Floor (Shop)

2nd floor (Warehouse)


This is how it looks when we get busy!

3rd Floor (The office)

Is that all?
Of course No!
Ming didn't waste time to cook that scrumptious and cute Pooh Valentine's bento in her new california box, which give you an amazing hint about what to cook on that very special day. Make sure to check the ingredients in this lovely creation!
Wish you all a wonderful Valentine's day with your beloved ones!  (。・ω・)ノ゙ ♡
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