Happy New Year with Bento&co!

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Happy new year 2015 to all of you out there!

We wish you 365 days full of joy, happiness and yummy (outdoor) lunches indeed! We got an all-white beginning of the year here in Kyoto with heavy snowfalls on the 1st and 2nd of January. According to our well-acquainted Japanese neighbor, it has been quite a while since they hadn't experienced such weather: Check these dreamy pictures of the snowiest time in Kyoto in 60 years.     

Happy New Year ... in French (^o^)

 We will continue to work hard on extending our already large choice of bento boxes and cute Japanese accessories: In truth, we've even decided to provide you the (almost) complete lines of products from the best manufacturers in Japan. Quantity AND quality: we'll keep making sure to select the best items for your lunch, as always with Bento&co!

As for the shipping of your goods, we are going to announce and offer a brand new/better economy option with baseline tracking included - and a faster than ever delivering time. Let's keep in touch in the next weeks for further details!

We know that there are a good number of bento cookers and Japan lovers among our fans so here is a reminder for the new year: Our cooking contest will be back in April 2015 and this is , one more time, a fantastic opportunity to win yourself a trip to Japan ... so get ready and build up your bento skills until then! :)

And finally We'd like to celebrate this great time and let you enjoy our current collection with a special New Year Sale: Use the code FUYU at check-out for 15% off on all your next order... up to January 11th! 

So here were (some of) our new year's resolutions for 2015. What about You? (^0^)


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