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A Sunny Day in Winter

Furoshiki Yozakura, Japanese Style

Today, and much to my surprise, we received four neat pictures from one of our customer in Canada, Ryan.

It has been a while since we didn't got contributions, so I was starting to assume most of you must be quite busy getting things on time for christmas and the New Year (that's probably the case, only two weeks left btw!). Then these photos arrived in our mail box and it reminded me how great is to see bento fans, sharing their passion and always finding new ways to create magnificent bento and composition.

Can you guess what dessert is packed in this Ojyu Hanami

They not only looks scrumptious (well, at least this one on top) but I was also stunned by their brightness - shouldn't it be all dead cold and snow there at that time of the year?
It suddenly bring me vivid memories of picnics and outdoor lunch times. Can't wait Spring to be here!

But hey, it's still December and we sure all have lots of things to get ready for the end of the Year so let's enjoy these great views of a sunny day in Canada. If you've got some cool photos too, please don't hesitate to let us know; we'll share it with the fans ( And Check our FB page!

Holidays are coming. Are you ready?


Ps: Thank you once again Ryan!




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