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Chef Bento 2014: Event Results and Statistics

Minna san otsukaresama deshita!

What an amazing time! In spite of the fall in contestants entries raw numbers (was it caused by the original theme or something else?) and the exhausting hours we all spent to make this possible, Chef Bento 2014 was clearly a great experience - full of good surprises and wonders.

Contestants and fans, we owe you many thanks  and won't forget the numerous hours spent to create these bentos. Once again, we're very grateful for your involvement and shared passion! We also truly appreciated the help of every partners and persons involved in this project!

Though next year's theme is definitively going to be something at least as much original, we'll strive to provide you with something easier to enter in. Everybody here at Bento&co is really looking forward to it and your bentos! (^^)

Alright then, it's now time to reveal this year's final ranking.

Finalists Results Chef Bento 2014

The ten finalists were all astonishing, but your votes decided for the top:

1. Igarashi Tomomi (275 Votes)
2. Henriot Marie (229 Votes)
3. Taniguchi Mitsuko (217 Votes)
4. Damayanti Ika (177 Votes)
5. Taruya Tomoko (129 Votes)
6. Sashima Tomiko (126 Votes)
7. Deselgte Valerie (124 Votes)
8. Thomas Syntia (106 Votes)
9. Poinsard Akiko (94 Votes)
10. Tsurutani Reiko (23 Votes)

The poll results show a tie vote (there was a terrible struggle running for the 5th place ^^) but things are clear : Tomomi, Marie and Mitsuko are your top 3 favorites ! Congratulations to all three and finalists for their works.

They all have deserved a great prize present (Customized product, boxes, accessories, mugs ... with some of them being quite rare items!) kindly provided by our partners. 

Let me also remind you one more time the two grand winners; Joan from France won the International grand prize and Noriko for Japan. For them: A trip to Japan for Joan and night stays at Kyoto's finest hotels!

Figures, Give us more figures !

A great (and funny) recap of the last three weeks and highlights of the event.

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