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Chef Bento 2014: Grand Winners Results and Finalists

It's finally here! The results for Chef Bento 2014 are out and it's time to discover who the grand winners are!

This 6th edition was slightly different from our previous themes and we were very excited to see each contestant personal ideas and way of cooking these limited ingredients. Really, Thank you all for your awesome bento(s)! 
Congratulations to Maeda Noriko (Japan) and Trescases Joan (International) for their gorgeous creations! We're definitively looking forward to meet you in Kyoto!
There is more though: you can now vote for your favorite bento among the 10 finalists.
Please visit our dedicated page and select your winner before July 14th (Monday)!

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Carel - August 7, 2014

check out and see how all the entries in the contest are viewable to everyone. That is how a contest should be run.

Carel - August 7, 2014

Another thought about this contest. As an artist, I would have loved to have viewed all the bento submissions. I love to compare my work against other artists, and perhaps glean a few good ideas for making bentos in the future. If we cannot see all the submissions, then that makes it not really worth the time to submit a bento, especially if we do not understand, or agree with the taste of the judges.

Carel - August 7, 2014

There were several other problems with this contest. The main problem was the decision to extend the deadline by days. This decision was not fair to everyone who met the deadline, especially if winners were chosen from the group of people who did not bother to meet the first deadline. Picking winners from a pool of entries that did not adhere to the set rules, horizontal format, one extra ingredient, etc. makes a mockery of the contest, and was extremely unprofessional of the judges.

vANESSA oRTEGA - July 18, 2014

I’m disappointed, too. And I don’t know if I’m going to participate anymore…

Alessandra - July 11, 2014

Will there be honorable mentions?
However, since none of the finalst followed the rules I’m not going to vote!
This years Chef Bento was a great disappointment.
I’m hopinhg for next year.

Alice - July 10, 2014

and furthermore, “Condiments (spices, salt, peper, seasoning) and other ingredients needed for cooking (butter, oil) are allowed as soon as they’re not visible.” I don’t think this was adhered to, either.

Alice - July 10, 2014

I’m disappointed, a lot of these have extra ingredients, busy backgrounds and are vertical, not horizontal. what’s the point of having rules if they aren’t going to be enforced? next time have clearer rules, please.

Samar Ertsey - July 10, 2014

I’m greatly disappointed with many of your choices. Several of these did NOT follow the rules. The international grand winner used two additional ingredients (mozzarella cheese and jelly). One was demanded.
The last finalist did not use an additional ingredient at all.
The seventh finalist also did not use the additional ingredient.

If you do not follow your rules, why do you make them?

I feel sorry for all those who followed the rules and were not selected.

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