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Chef Bento 2016: Advice on how to cook your bento

Lots of idea flying around your head, "how to create the perfect Sweet Tooth's bento?" ~ well here are some advices by our resident Bento Master! 

1. Capture the Theme As with every year we are looking for a Box that really understands and captures the essence of the theme. Remember that we are looking for two components with this year's competition - we want to see both a sweet side and a meal side - the important thing here is how these two components communicates - we want a box where they complete each other - sounds difficult? Think of it like art! 

2. (It's all about) Presentation, Presentation, Presentation Nothing is worse than when we see that someone put all their efforts into making a beautiful bento box, but then failing to present it in a nice way - the effort is all there but the crucial presentation is not. Therefore we can't emphasize enough - good lighting, good styling and good setting - all these details if done right will make your bento the winner!

3. Be Unique Create a bento box that emphasizes the theme but is really unique - go where others haven't before when creating your box. Be bold and highlight the strengths of your local cuisine - or for that matter any cuisine that inspires you. Don't be dull - be Bentastic !

We hope these tips have helped you a bit on the way in creating your Bento's - we are waiting for your Master Pieces at

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