There are some very fresh things to learn from Mini Labo's (yummy) Pic Nic

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Clearly, Spring is now back and most of us can enjoy a bright, warm weather with everything related -like a nice outdoor lunch with your friends or family.

Juliette, together with Mini Labo's Blog, shows us the (delightful) way and share with us her delicious pic nic bento and some of its cooking secrets. A must-read for any nature (and food!) lovers ...   

This beautiful, colored food composition is mainly made of fruits, legumes with home-made onigiri, and it's packed in our beloved lunch-box, the Mini Labo Bento House.

This one box is really special for us as it symbolises our efforts to offer original (and well-designed!) products with high quality. You've really got to try it, it's so cute and handy! (^^)

At Bento&Co, we've been blown away by Juliette's description and are already planning to take time for a great, healthy lunch in the countryside. What are you going to do this week-end?

Until then, please take a few of your time to check the full post on Mini Labo's Blog. Sure, It's written in french but has a lot of interesting pictures to enjoy and get ideas from. (^^)--*

Note: We'd like to thanks Juliette for her innovative ideas and article (she has a stylish website you should see).

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