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Totoro Bento Boxes

Japanese anime
  • Totoro Bento Boxes
  • Totoro Bento Boxes
  • Totoro Bento Boxes
  • Totoro Bento Boxes
  • Totoro Bento Boxes
  • Totoro Bento Boxes
  • Totoro Bento Boxes
  • Totoro Bento Boxes
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These two boxes feature Totoro, the lovable character from Hayao Miyazaki film, My Neighbor Totoro, or Tonari no Totoro in Japanese. The boxes come in two different sizes and two different sizes and color combinations.

The sizes of the boxes are suitable for both adults and children. 

The boxes are Totoro 650 and Totoro 900. Choose your favorite!

Totoro  650
Totoro 650 is green and has Totoro and a friend, with a leaf boarder along the top and bottom.
It has a beige body and Green clips.
It is 650 ml and has 16cm x 11cm x 5.5cm (6.3" x 4.3" x 2.2")

Totoro  900
Totoro 900 is beige and has Totoro and two friends standing in a pile of leaves.
It has a beige body and green clips.
It is 900 ml and has 17cm x 12cm x 6cm (6.6" x 4.7" x 2.4")

- The boxes have a removable divider (So you don't mix your apples and your pears!)
- They also have a tight lid that closes with 4 clips
- They are Microwave-safe (make sure to remove the lid before) and dishwasher-safe (Don't put the lid in the dishwasher, so Totoro doesn't wash away!)

- And they are made in Japan (BPA free!)

Box and lid in polypropylene. The lid has silicone joint.

Made in Japan, in the Nara Prefecture.

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