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My Cutlery Stripe

My Cutlery Stripe
  • My Cutlery Stripe
  • My Cutlery Stripe
  • My Cutlery Stripe
  • My Cutlery Stripe
  • My Cutlery Stripe
  • My Cutlery Stripe
  • My Cutlery Stripe
  • My Cutlery Stripe
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Product details

Fork, Spoon and a pair chopsticks: My Cutlery Stripe looks great and includes all what you need to (at least!) stop eating bento with your bare hands. You're welcome (^^)/

Product Description

The set consists of two tapered handles that can be inserted into the ends of a pair of chopsticks, or a rounded fork and spoon. Everything is fitted neatly into a gorgeous carrying case with stripe design. 
When closed, the slim case fits in the palm of your hand, but when assembled the utensils are big and sturdy enough for an adult to use. 

My Cutlery Stripe is available in 4 vibrant colors (handles and case): Purple, Pink, Green and Blue. Please select your favorite from the pulldown menu when ordering. 

You make a design statement with your bento box - why not with your utensils too? 


The carrying case is 2.3 cm thick x 14.7 cm  long x 4.3 cm wide (.9" x 5.75" x 1.7"). 
The chopsticks are 21.5 cm (8.5") long when assembled. 
The fork and spoon are 16.2 cm (6.4") long when assembled. 

Composition and Care 

The carrying case is made of polypropylene. Maximum safe temperature: 120°C (248°C). The utensils are made of ABS, with a maximum safe temperature of 70°C (158°F). Not dishwasher-safe; handwash only. Keep away from high heat.  In order to prevent damage, insert the handles straight and in line with the notches into the cutlery parts. 

Not suitable for little children. Do not put in the micro-wave.

Made in Japan.

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