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La boutique spécialiste du bento en direct de Kyoto au Japon !

Kyo Bento

Kyo Bento
  • Kyo Bento
  • Kyo Bento
  • Kyo Bento
  • Kyo Bento
  • Kyo Bento
  • Kyo Bento
  • Kyo Bento
  • Kyo Bento
  • Kyo Bento
  • Kyo Bento
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Perhaps this box looks familiar? We love the Kyo Bento Box so much that we actually decided to make it part of our site logo! Although we carry many beautiful boxes, it's safe to say that this is our favorite of them all. This is a genuine wood (not a plastic imitation!) bento box with a warm, natural feel. 
Size M.


The Kyo Bento Box is a two-tier,  traditional wooden bento box, made of wood from the harigiri (kaloponax) tree called "sen". The slightly open grain of the wood and the warm reddish-brown color adds to its natural charm. 
The box is hand made by a skilled artisan in Aizu Wakamatsu, Fukushima prefecture, an area known for wooden boxes. The box is finished with food grade polyurethane to show off the wood to its best advantage. 
The classic oval shape is called "koban", after the similarly shaped coins that used to be in circulation in Japan.This box is a pleasure to hold in your hands while you eat! 

This product and others from this maker are made of certified food-grade wood and absolutely not dangerous. Safety is our first concern, and we continue to support these artisans in this difficult time.


Total capacity: 700ml (350ml per tier). There is a matching wooden lid, and one T-shaped internal wooden divider. 
Dimensions: 15cm long x 10.5cm wide x 8cm high (4.92" x 4.13" x 3.14"). 
We recommend using a furoshiki wrapping cloth for wrapping and transporting this bento box. 
Packaged in a beautiful presentation box. 

Composition and care 

100% wood, with a food grade polyurethane finish. 
Not microwave, oven or dishwasher safe! Hand wash only using cold or lukewarm water and a mild dishwashing detergent if needed. Dry with a soft cloth. Do not leave soaking in water. Oils that may leech from your food just deepen the color of the wood. With proper care, this  box is sure to become a treasured family heirloom. 
Made in Fukushima, Japan.

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