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Deco Ben Kit

Deco Ben Kit
  • Deco Ben Kit
  • Deco Ben Kit
  • Deco Ben Kit
  • Deco Ben Kit
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The Deco Ben Kit makes it easy to prepare cute, decorative elements for your bentos.

This set includes a selection of food cutters to make little cut-outs from vegetables, cooked eggs, cheese and other things, as well as plastic food separators, or baran, to add color and organization to your bento's presentation.

Many talented bento artists, whose pictures I am sure you have seen on the Internet, use these very sets! You can find plenty examples of their decorative bentos around the internet to inspire you when you make your's with this set.


Set B contains 6 orange and red food cutters in various shapes, plus 4 baran (food separators) in butterfly, flower, bird and flower arbor designs. 

(an A set was available but now stopped by the maker)

The food cutters are made of ABS, and the food separators are made of polyethelene. Hand-washing is recommended for both. The separators are reusable. Do not microwave. 

Made in China. 

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