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Cooking Hashi

Cooking Hashi
  • Cooking Hashi
  • Cooking Hashi
  • Cooking Hashi
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Cooking Hashi consist of 2 pairs of Japanese cooking chopsticks

Cooking Hashi are not for eating but for food preparation. Much longer and thicker than the normal chopsticks, these bamboo chopsticks are 13" long (33cm), and are used for stiring food in your frying pan.  

This tool is very useful for cooking with deep pots and such. 

These chopsticsk are often used for deep-frying foods, like tempura. They're also ideal for beating eggs, as Japanese people do.   

This is a set of 2 pairs of chopsticks for $2.50 (about 1,80€).

Made of bamboo.
Made in China.

Do not put the chopsticks in an oven or near an open flame. Do not soak them for too long. Be sure to wash and dry them after use. 

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