While ordering on Bento&Co, you will notice the possibility to choose from several shipping methods.
Shipping fees are clearly indicated on the cart page, and also at the checkout time : 

We provide free worldwide shipping for order over a certain amount, depending on your country. Note : This threshold may very depending on shipping destination. A few countries are not eligible for this option. Please contact us for further details.
All orders made at our shop are carefully prepared and shipped within 48 hours (except Saturdays, Sundays and Japanese holidays) after the order confirmation. As soon as the parcel is dispatched, you will receive a shipping confirmation mail (which contains important information such as tracking number). 
Please be aware that delays in shipping and customs may occur. Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for this type of delay.


  • FedEx, DHL and UPS

These are well-known, international companies. Deliveries time range from 48 hours (UPS, DHL) to 4/6 days for FedEx (economic express).

Please give as much as information you can to help the deliverer, such as intercom codes, floor numbers, etc. For most countries, the receiver must be there to sign the delivering slip.

Almost every parcel sent by private carriers are subject to taxes and custom fees in the country of delivery. An invoice will be sent to the same address as the shipping address.

  • Japanese Post (Economy, Standard or Airmail)

Parcels are collected by the Japanese Postal Service in our Kyoto store and delivered by your county's national Post service. Japan Post offers 4 different services:

Economy air shipping (SAL) : 
A cheap service with a wide national Post network. Packages sent with this service have no tracking number, no insurance and no set delivery time. 
Delivery usually takes about 2 to 4 weeks to Europe or North America. It can be longer depending on the period (the holiday season for instance). For some areas, delivery can take more than a month.

Standard shipping : 
With this service, delivery also usually takes about 2 to 4 weeks to Europe and North America, but parcels have a tracking number. This shipment type is insured up to 6000 Yen. 

Express Mail Shipping (EMS) : 
Deliveries with this service are fast and usually delivered within 4 to 6 days to Europe and North America. EMS is insured in case of loss or damage up to 20,000 yen. 

Airmail :
For areas which are not covered by the SAL or EMS tariffs, parcels can be shipped with the Airmail service (ex: caribbean islands, etc..).

Tracking your parcel

Once your parcel has been dispatched and depending on the shipping method, you will receive a tracking number (included in the shipping confirmation mail). We have a brand new tracking tool to check the delivery status in only a few steps !

Free Shipping Service

We provide free shipping for all orders exceeding $100 (Caution: this amount varies depending on the country of destination). Bento&Co usually decides on which shipping method to use according to the destination and parcel weight. It includes both private carriers and national post.

Delivery issues

If you have a delivery issue, we can most likely help, so please contact us. 

Send an e-mail with your order number to

  • Delay: for economic and standard shipments, it is possible that a package can take up to 45 days for delivery, so we can only be of help after this period of time. If you are concerned and it has not yet reached the 45 day mark, first, go to you post office and ask if a parcel is waiting for you there. Then, if you still haven’t receive it, please contact us after the 45 days. For FedEx, UPS, DHL or EMS shipments, please use the related online tracking service and contact the carrier.
  • Damage: If you have a product that was damaged during delivery, please e-mail us ( within 3 days after receiving it and include pictures of your damaged item.
  • Mistakes: If you believe there has been a mistake with your order, we will do all we can to remedy the problem. Contact us and we will take care of it. .
  • In the case of a parcel being returned to us: If your parcel has been sent back to us by FedEx or the the postal service (for example, due to an unknown/mistaken address or unclaimed parcel). We'll message you to plan a new shipping. If this happens, shipping costs will be based on the carriers' prices, not the regular prices on the Bento&Co shop. 

Taxes & Custom Fees

Shipping of a product from Japan may be subject to taxes and to custom fees in the country of delivery. These supplementary costs are the customer’s responsibility

These costs include the sales tax in the country of delivery (applied to the total cost of the order), duties on the cost of products (around 6% for the European Union) and fees to carrier (from $10 to $20).

FedEx, UPS and DHL usually send the invoice a few days after the delivery compare with EMS, which generally charge you right at the delivery. 

We have to display the full value of your purchase on the customs label with no exceptions

We understand that custom fees are worrying for some of you. We hope that you are reassured by the fact that, while buying on Bento&Co, you can get real Japanese original boxes that you won’t be able to find anywhere else, at a good value.

The following list describes EU rules for custom fees:

  1. For parcel which products total value does not exceed 22 euros, products are not subject to tax nor import duty .
  2. When this total value ranges from 22 to 150 euros, the consignee is responsible for the sales tax only. Beware, they apply on product and transportation total value.
  3. If order total value exceeds 150 euros, sales tax and import duty has both to be paid.

External links: Douanes Belge-Douanes Suisse-Germany, Zoll-UK customs-Canada Customs 

About Our Tax free Shipping Option (Priority)

We offer a special, fast and tax free shipping service via UPS Priority option. Make sure to avoid any unexpected fees and get your parcel delivered in two days by selecting this shipping method. Eligible countries include Canada and part of Europe.

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